Chem-Girl is a cleaning supply company in Muldrow, OK, that specializes in pet stain removers, spot & stain cleaners, carpet cleaning products, household cleaning products, odor eliminators & neutralizers, and urine deodorizers.

More powerful than retail brands, our concentrated Chem-Girl products are perfect for: carpets, floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning. Our enzyme cleaners make quick work of tough pet stains. They are commonly used in animal shelters to eliminate the strongest animal stains and odors from pet urine, waste and other undesirable messes.

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Odor Control
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Urinal Salt Remover

Urinal Salt Remover removes uratic salt build-up in pipes, as well as rust and water scale from fixtures.

Clean with a Conscience!

We strive to do our part for the planet. That's why we ensure that products are made available in 100% recycleable containers.

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