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Keep your drains and plumbing flowing freely with Detco’s drain and plumbing cleaning products. These commercial-grade supplies are specially designed to keep sinks, drains, toilets, and urinals operating their best.

Maintenance workers and facility supervisors love our drain cleaning products and our urine salt remover. They are best used in stadiums, airports, concert venues, or any other place high volume public restrooms can be found.

Apartments, property managers, and hotels use Detco’s products to save on professional plumbing costs. Our powerful plumbing products remove calcium build up and remove odors, returning most common bathroom facilities to like-new condition.

Hospitals and other health care facilities love using our Super Zyme product to keep their X-Ray, MRI, CAT Scan, and other medical equipment looking great and operating their best. Can also be used at lift stations and with septic tanks.


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Urinal Salt Remover

Urinal Salt Remover removes uratic salt build-up in pipes, as well as rust and water scale from fixtures.

Clean with a Conscience!

We strive to do our part for the planet. That's why we ensure that products are made available in 100% recycleable containers.

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